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Bernaerts Music e-Catalogue® Would you also like us to email our Bernaerts Music e-Catalogue® in digital format with all MP3s and sample scores in PDF format?

That is possible! You can find more information here.
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     Frequently Asked Questions
Our stock
All our music editions and CDs are always available from stock.
Any product out of stock does not exist with us because "We've Got The Music!®"
In what languages can I communicate with Bernaerts Music?
We speak Dutch, French, English and German.
Unfortunately you cannot contact us in any other language.
Pricing and other information
Our prices are mentioned on our website, you simply have to log in.
For all other information we refer to our contact form which you can find on the homepage of our website.
Customs formalities and fees
For deliveries outside the EU (European Union) we have to charge a fee for customs formalities.
This fee is included in the afore-mentioned shipping costs.
Payment of additional separate parts and/or scores
We always require payment by credit card for orders of additional parts and scores only, using one of our various online payment options or via payment in advance by bank transfer.
Returning delivered items
Once delivered and/or invoiced, sheet music and CDs cannot be swapped or returned under any circumstances.

In the case of a wrongly shipped item, we ask you to contact the sales team of the Bernaerts Music Online Webshop.
This is only possible by using the form below and within 24 hours after you have received your order.
Complaint Form
Important to know:
  1. In the case of a wrongly shipped item, incorrect instrumentation or similar mistake: please do not open the plastic foil!
    Music pieces without the foil will not be accepted for copyright reasons.
  2. Never return goods without first contacting our
    sales department using the form above in order to find the best solution 
    for both parties.
  3. Complaints or remarks are to be communicated in writing using the form above
    within 24 hours of receipt of your order.

I am a shop, how can I order music?
If you have a registered commercial business and you wish to sell the music of Bernaerts Music, please contact our sales team.
We refer you to our contact form which you can find on the homepage of our website.
Always mention the name of your business and the VAT number.
Commercial clients always pay by credit card, using one of our various online payment options or via payment in advance by bank transfer.
Sample scores
Sample scores are only available and printable from our website. They will not be sent by postal mail or e-mail.
Sample scores are not complete for copyright reasons. Sample scores only show about 3/4 of the music.
We do not remove pages in order to conceal passages that are difficult to play in a certain section of a music publication, but we guarantee that the grade of difficulty remains consistent throughout the entire work.
Complete MP3 files for free
For copyright reasons we do not send or email complete MP3 files for free of our recordings.
The complete recordings of our music editions are found on one of our CDs or you can purchase the MP3 file from our online webshop
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