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orders are only possible at the "bernaerts music online webshop"

Ordering is only possible at our webshop.
This is choosing
 for the best, fastest and most effective way of ordering.

Select the required title(s) using the search engine or menu. Once your full order is added to your shopping cart, proceed to checkout, choose your payment method and follow the onscreen instructions. Send your order with a simple click. You will immediately receive a confirmation mail. All our products are always in stock and are being sent within 1 or 2 working days. 

Extra scores and extra parts: only possible to order by e-mail

If you want to order extra scores or extra parts: please send your order by e-mail to 
Quote always your complete name, address, name of the band, your function in the band and your telephone number.
All our products are always available from stock.
Attention: please quote credit card details for the payment.
Additional scores and parts will be delivered digitally only via Bernaerts Music eDelivery and will not be sent in printed form.
(Not valid for shops)


Sales conditions

Invoices are to be paid immediately. Customers, not having lodged an objection by return of post, accept the invoice together with the terms of settlement specified hereafter. In respect of any invoices remaining unpaid after their due date, the overdue amount will be increased by a 15% overdue charge, the minimum amount of which will be 37,20 euro and the maximum amount being 620,00 euro. Overdue invoices will additionally be subject without further notice to a monthly 1,50% interest charge. All disputes will be decided by the Mechlin district courts. (Belgium)
Music and CD's, once delivered and invoiced, will under no circumstances be taken back.

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